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Second child: Having or not?

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The arrival of a child is a tremendous experience for the parents, offering much learning, love, and especially, the union between them. In this way, it is natural that, after some time, the family feels the need to expand and the idea of having a second child begins to appear in the couple's daily lives.

Having a second child, however, is not a decision that should be as impulsive and emotional as the first one. You need to discuss the main points that need to be considered when you want a second child - so that you can see if you are ready to receive this new responsibility at home or not.

If you are thinking of having the second child, keep reading our article and check out some tips we have prepared to help you at that time!

Are you ready to face the routine of the first few months again?

Having a child is a beautiful and unique experience, but also it is not one of the most straightforward situations the couple faces throughout their lives.

The joys your first child promoted probably caused you to forget the sleepless nights, the financial tightening, and even the moments of extreme responsibility that you had to assume soon after the child was born.

After having the second child, all these experiences can multiply by two, and you have to be ready to understand and face any type of situation and unforeseen.

Have you evaluated the issue from a financial point of view?

It may seem selfish to speak about money when we are dealing with a subject as delicate and emotional as the birth of a child, but it is impossible to leave aside such a relevant theme in the creation of a child. Evaluating the financial situation to have a second child is a way of worrying about not only providing what he or she needs but also offering what the first child needs. This means health care, proper nutrition, quality education, and of course, leisure.

Having a second child can jeopardize the family budget in a completely unexpected way - you need to be aware of and do the math to see if that dream fits in your pocket.

Does your family wish to have one more member?

When you read the two points above to make the decision to have a second child, then you think that the birth of a child in the family may not be such a good choice. This, however, is not true. Having a second child also represents excellent benefits for the family, especially in the maturity and education of their first child.

The presence of a sibling helps parents develop a greater sense of responsibility and justice since they need to educate two children. While for the little ones, it can mean learning to share the space and the love of the parents with another person, besides gaining a companion for the whole life.

While it is helpful to put all the pros and cons of having a second child on paper, this is a decision that must be made by you with the help of the heart. If any situation presented above still frightens you, maybe it is time to rethink that choice. However, if you believe you are ready and want to fulfill that dream, do not hesitate to move on.

Are you intending to have a second child? What are your main doubts and questions? Share with us!

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